Influenced by different cultures, professions and his career in sustainable construction, in 2011 Cyrus starts to build things to solve particular issues for his beloved dog.  His passion for fabricating unique pieces builds slowly, but intensifies after the sudden loss of his canine friend in 2016.

Today, Cyrus designs and creates individual solutions that can satisfy and elevate specific needs or desires. He believes function and aesthetics have to blend perfectly to create a complete piece and guides himself after a philosophy based on continuous innovation, creativity and intense attention to detail:

“I look at art and my work as the expression of the spirit and the general purpose of art or craftsmanship is to elevate the social vibration, often with themes that can be reconciled with truth, harmony, nature, culture, social responsibility, and other higher values.  I follow my own course for inspiration to create pieces that stand the test of time.” 

Designed to Elevate

If you have an inquiry about a particular piece or wish to commission a custom design, please feel free to: